“If you try to be something or someone you are not, you belittle your true self and end up not developing in those areas that you would have excelled at quite naturally."


Philosophy brings authenticity


Authenticity is to be oneself; to be one’s best self. It is not merely external, as in “being on your best behaviour.”


Authenticity is to live in accordance with one’s innermost values, understandings, and dreams.


Because philosophy goes to the essence of everything, including life and the human being, it brings authenticity.


Philosophy helps us to recognize and remove our masks. It helps us to value who we are, to value our deepest dreams for authenticity and our possibility of living our unique place in the world.


Philosophy helps us to clarify who we are and who we are not.


Epictetus (b. A.D. 55) teachings stressed that we cannot control life, 
						but we can control how we respond to it.









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