"The highest type of friendship is the relation of "brother-friend" or "life-and-death friend" (...) It is the essence of comradeship and fraternal love, without thought of pleasure or gain, but rather for moral support and inspiration."

Charles Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa), from The Soul of the Indian.


Philosophy brings friendship


Friendship is a deep relationship between hearts. It is based on sentiments of respect and love for each other, of a profound desire to truly know the other person.

Friendship is not based on expectations, nor on what benefits the other brings to me; this is a merchant/consumer relationship.

Friendship is a deep appreciation of the identity and inherent value of the other. It is lasting through time, rather than transient, lasting only according to the momentary psychological needs.

Friendship goes beyond shared personal interests; it is based on shared values and ideas.

Through Philosophy we discover the most essential of ourselves, which makes it possible for us to encounter that which is essential in others. When we are heart-to-heart with others, we can cultivate truly deep friendships.









Charles Alexander Eastman














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