“In each one of us there is an incredible world of possibilities.”
Jorge Angel Livraga



Philosophy brings identity

Philosophy teaches us and allows us to experience our deeper inner self.

It awakens us to the possibility of having an inner self, which gives us our Identity. Through Philosophy you will learn about the true make up of a human being.

Learning to know and understand your self better will help you to see clearly that you can cultivate ways of being to feel your identity, this unique expression of your inner being.

Practicing philosophy allows you to more and more feel your own sense of self, that you have an identity and are not a no-body who is just a part of a mass.

Practical philosophy teaches you to think for your self and to develop the tools it takes to be your own true self. Not to be afraid of standing out in the crowd, but to be proud and confident.



Jorge Angel Livraga


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