“If you would build something solid, don’t work with wind: always look for a fixed point, something you know that is stable…yourself.” 

Egyptian Proverb


Philosophy brings self-knowledge


When we practice philosophy in a classical sense, we don’t just read and memorize, we understand through our own experiences– to test a principle for ourselves to see if it really applies to us in our lives today.
It is a Self knowledge that reveals a truth that is new for each of us. No one can tell us or give us our own deep understanding of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.


However, with philosophy we are given very important keys and experienced guides who can show us a way to understand deeply ourselves as human beings.
If we choose to search and learn about ourselves, we have a possibility to look each time at the world differently and see ourselves better. We then can share and live with others in a deeper and more meaningful way.


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