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What is happiness?

What is happiness? Is it a succession of self-gratification, or a summation of pleasant experiences? Philosophy allows us to investigate what brings true happiness. We cannot be truly happy if we do not face our own limitations and surpass them.

Fear is one of these inner limitations that we must face in order to be happy. If we have fear to open our heart, if we have fear to make our dreams come true, if we are fearful about the uncertain future, all the pleasures of the world would not bring us true happiness. Rather, they are just distractions.

Philosophy helps us look into the nature of fear, e.g. fear of failure and fear of the unknown. If we see that mistakes are not failures, but rather opportunities to learn and to improve, and that we all walk the path that is appropriate for us, there would not be a sense of failure.

To be a philosopher is to be able to understand and overcome our own fears, to be courageous, and to keep walking in spite of fear. Without being overcome by fear, we can open our heart love, to give, to make our dreams come true, in spite of difficulties, and we can face uncertainty, taking each challenge as an opportunity to learn and to blossom as a human being.

This is where the source of happiness lies.


August 16, 2007

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