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 News - 2008



If you find yourself in a hole…


The ill effects of commercialism on children


Dying Honeybees Lessen Crop Yields


Decimation of Species


Volunteers are the fabric of our community


Organic Food Going Global


Freedom of the Press is a Demanding Mistress


Warfare Against Women


Hunger related to unjust debt and “conditional” assistance


Deprogramming childhood


Behind the food crisis


That which feeds our hunger


Multitasking – fact or fiction


Parent as Authority


Legislating the Pursuit of Happiness


One tiny grain of rice…


What makes a good school?


Learning the language of nature





Giving is better than receiving


Selling drugs publicly


Respect for skilled trades


World food prices: a looming crisis


Road Rage


Do it All and Be Healthy!


Bubble Trouble


Crossroads in Media


The Value of “Progress”


Are parents too protective?


Nurture the Nature


Natives and Suicide


One more time, please


Feeling sad is not a disease


Online marketing and human evolution


Major League baseball players on drugs


Farm subsidies


Psychological distress in the workplace: to be accepted or prevented?




 News - Autumn 2007


The new challenge for companies:
Integrate the human being or disappear


Slavery… a New Plague to Eradicate


Investing with a conscience?


The Shackles of the New Era


Students want to know about themselves.


Socrates, the art of dialogue; the path of the soul.


Free or addicted ?


Life's Trials and Obstacles


Philosophy in the classical manner: an Ideal of peace and freedom, a School of "inner disarmament"


3rd World Philosophy Day Celebrations


Why daylight saving time?


Poor human relationships prime reason for leaving job.


Pet Therapy in Prisons


Money doesn't grow on trees


Democracy – an overused word


Good Servant, Bad Master – Media Technologies


A lot to consider with rising dollar


Sustainable Building


Monet Painting Vandalized


How much is dignity worth?


“Shake hands with the devil: The journey of Roméo Dallaire”
A battle against indifference…


From Peak to Free Fall


Hygiene? Much more than a soap story


Let’s be citizens of the world


Nature is the teacher


No one above the law... not even movie stars!



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