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On the benefits of the philosophy training


"The classes make me constantly reflect on my actions, habits, thought patterns, allowing me to understand them and work towards the proper changes. I have become more comfortable with the unknown. Time flies when you are in a class. The instructor is animated and exciting to watch. The classes are presented in such a way that you can instantly connect with the teachings and be drawn in to the whole topic. In short, the instructors and their instruction style are superb. It is something best to experience."

Laszlo Frideczky

"The classes have truly allowed me to build my character. Since I have enrolled, I have lived moments more fully with greater confidence, not always shifting and doubting my own abilities, because I am reminded always of the human spirit, and this extraordinary existence we have as human beings. The instruction style is very natural, authentic and « straight ». Langage is simple and touches the heart. It is inspirational because the instructors live what they speak and this I think is more telling than the words, although the words and content are of course important."

Sayuri Nakao

"I love that my eyes are seeing things and situations differently, with more clarity, altitude and calm. I have become less emotional, trying to really pay attention not to let emotions rule me. Instructors are deeply caring, enthusiastic, well prepared and living examples of the teachings. They are well spoken and truly give their best when giving a class."

Aniko Frideczky

"Since I first began my philosophy classes, I have a greater discipline, am less impulsive, and have more appreciation and curiosity about the workings of the world. I have a strong hunger to distinguish what is the truth from what is merely mirage and frivolity. The classes help me find the courage necessary to be active in different ways, for instance to dare to pursue a career in the arts instead of opting for a more comfortable and conventional path."

Simi Rowen

"Since I joined the classes, I have a clearer understanding of what’s right and wrong. I witness the strong perseverance, high intelligence and extraordinary analytical capability of instructors. These living examples made me realize how wonderful the world could become, and I want to be part of this wonderful world."


Sean Lai

"Since taking the philosophy classes, I notice that I am a more disciplined and better organized person, and that I have a more positive outlook on life. I am becoming aware of the great value of time, that should not be wasted."

Tatjana Rusov

"Since joining the classes, I see my own connection to nature more clearly, and regard the universe as sacred. I try to act with more courtesy, kindness and generosity, standing in awe at the wonders and intelligence of the universe."

Lauri Maki

"Since I have started the classes, I have more patience and understanding of myself. I have experienced calmness and serenity within the realm of chaos. Also, I have made new friends. The instructors of New Acropolis are knowledgeable, passionate, determined and sensitive. They lead by example – living what they teach, and love what they do."

Victor Paul

"The philosophy classes made me figure out that I am a small part of the world, but my potential is bigger than my physical existence as a human. I think I started to look at life from a little bit higher. Now I can see with more clarity in the middle of all changing events."

Gulin Gulecoglu


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