Philosophy Training Program

Authentic happiness is always independent of external conditions.



Lasting Wisdom for Modern Life: 

Philosophy Course


Philosophies of East and West offer practical tools to embrace life’s challenges and achieve our dreams and Ideal.  This is the beginning of our foundation course!


A 10-Session Program


Week 1

What is the Human Being, in the light of the wisdom of East and West?

How to harmonize our energy, emotions, thoughts and aspirations and realize our full potential.


Week 2

Personal experience and individual realization.

The Wisdom of India. How to recognize and tackle life’s challenges, and become aware of our inner resources.



The keys to overcoming personal limitations.

Buddhist philosophy. Practical formulas not to be paralyzed by difficulties and manage to fulfill our dreams.


Week 4

Discovering one’s inner senses with Tibetan wisdom.

How to develop the powers of the mind through concentration and meditation.


Week 5

How to be a philosopher, in all circumstances?

According to Socrates, it is life’s challenge: to learn how to be one self, and remain true to our identity while interacting with others.


Week 6

How can we live a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life? The laws of happiness according to Roman philosophers Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.


Week 7

Plato's illuminating Myth of the Cave: Finding freedom walking the path to the innermost identity. How to go beyond appearances and develop discernment. How surpassing oneself leads to transformation.


Week 8

Towards self-assertiveness and harmonious relations.

According to Chinese philosopher Confucius, confidence stems from self-knowledge and self-mastery. Individual ethical development fosters harmony in the community.


Week 9

Destiny, evolution and the cycles of time.

Discovering the wisdom of history through the cycles, the crisis and the achievement of the common destiny of humanity. What is the role of human beings and philosophers?


Week 10

Wrapping up: To be a philosopher and a world citizen

How can we live a fulfilling life that contributes positively to the world?


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