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Science Studies Death

Control and quality of our food

Can We “Eat Through” the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”?

Life and Death in the Waters

Charles Darwin: The Evolution Revolution

Never forgetting

Health and (climate) change

Thinking Independently about Compact Fluorescents

Life from the stars

Science and Esoterism: “Magnetic Cords” Link the Sun and the Earth

Power from the People

Dangerous Debris

Physicians Worried about Health Effects of Climate Change


Humans in North America more than 14000 years ago


Fresh water for a thirsty century


Hormone disruptors in plastic products


Greeting Illness


Know a hawk from a handsaw


GPS – 30 years of navigation via satellites


Mixing Oil and Water


Do Migrating Birds Navigate?


Oceans of Agony


Smoking encourages premature aging


Cost of Biofuel


Pythagoras, Intuition and the Discovery of Nature’s Truths


Orca Culture


Value of antidepressants


Starry Night


Why chimps eat dirt


Startling phenomena from black hole




 News Autumn 2007


Magnetic ropes link the Earth to the Sun


Accelerating turmoil


Is the past irrelevant?


Intergenerational Crime


Science or Spirituality?


Honeybees provide example for Internet servers


Surprises in the Arctic ice


In Organic Gardening


Food For Thought


Lessons from quantum computing


Earth reaching point of no return


Ants: Natural Altruists


8 million years old tree trunks discovered


What's in Your Genes?


Technical genius not just a sign of our times


An ever changing view of human origins


Hole in ozone over Antarctica shrinking


A long journey


Intelligence not all in the brain


Dawn of a new ice age?

Important differences between animals and human being

Let's follow bacteria's teachings…


Why "7" and not 5 or 8 !? …


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